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Who We Are?

At Grinfino Capital, we firmly believe that the primary way towards a sustainable future is reducing emissions. However, we also recognize the pivotal role the voluntary carbon markets (VCM) play in bridging the gap to meet net-zero targets. With this dual approach, we empower organizations to not only minimize their carbon footprint but also to strategically offset what remains.


Here's how we champion sustainability:


  • Emission Reduction Advocacy: While our expertise lies in the VCM, our advocacy centers on promoting emission reductions as the foremost strategy.
  • Strategic Analysis: We meticulously evaluate carbon offset projects, selecting those that align with genuine sustainability efforts, ensuring our partners avoid greenwashing pitfalls.
  • Reputation & Financial Risk Management: Every acquisition strategy we design is tailor-made, safeguarding our partner's reputation and financial interests.
  • Intermediary Services: Beyond advocating for emission reduction, we connect organizations with direct investment opportunities in the carbon market, acting as a trusted bridge.
  • Support for Project Developers: We assist project developers in emphasizing their financial additionality, ensuring their projects excel in performance. Our origination services provide the financial backing they need, be it for new ventures or ongoing projects, under existing methodologies or pioneering new ones.


Join us in our mission to harmonize emission reduction with strategic carbon offsetting, paving the way for a balanced and sustainable future. 

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